Responsible Technology

The following is a list of current investments. A list of prior grants can be found here.

Organization Name Amount Geographic FocusInvestment Approval Date
5 Rights Foundation $300,000 Global12/8/22
5 Rights Foundation $550,000 Global5/16/23
Accountable Tech/Log Off Movement, a project of the North Fund $209,500 United States10/24/22
Accountable Tech/Log Off Movement, a project of the North Fund $100,000 United States3/6/23
Accountable Tech/Log Off Movement, a project of the North Fund $25,000.00 United States10/27/22
American Economic Liberties Project $250,000 United States5/17/23
Ashoka $20,000 Global12/14/21
Aspen Institute $100,000 Global4/19/22
Aspen Institute $400,000 United States10/21/22
Association Eticas Research and Innovation $100,000 Global12/14/21
Atlantic Council $250,000 United States6/7/22
Brookings Institution $150,000 United States9/20/22
Bureau of European Union Consumers $200,000 Europe9/20/22
Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) $70,800 Global2/8/23
CAL (Corporate Accountability Lab) $200,000 Global9/8/22
Campaign for Accountability $350,000 United States11/21/22
Center for American Progress $200,000 United States6/16/22
Center for Digital Democracy $75,000 United States12/12/22
Center for International Governance Innovation $190,000 Global7/12/22
Chatham House $250,000 Global12/15/21
Civics Unplugged $25,000 United States11/11/22
Civics Unplugged $30,200 Global3/6/23
Connected by Data $250,000 Global4/14/23
Consumer Reports $100,000 United States11/30/22
Consumer Reports $500,000 United States3/1/23
Cooperatives for a Better World dba $200,000 United States9/21/22
Data and Society Research Institute $250,000 Global12/8/22
Datasphere $100,000 Global12/14/21
Dazzle LCA (aka "Zebras Unite") $300,000 Global10/13/22
Derechos Digitales $100,000 Global12/14/21
Duke University $150,000 India9/19/22
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) $51,306 United States9/2/22
European Digital Rights (EDRi) $75,000 Europe2/8/23
Eyebeam $200,000 Global9/23/22
Feminist Frequency $50,000 United States11/10/22
Fight for the Future Education Fund $180,000 United States10/4/22
Fight for the Future, Inc $50,000 United States10/25/22
Global Impact $450,000 Africa10/25/22
Global Voices (GV) $100,000 Global12/14/21
GrowthSpree $210,000 United States12/15/22
Hack Club Bank $49,000 United States6/5/23
Hampton University $250,000.00 United States12/6/22
Hopelab $100,000 United States1/23/23
Hopelab $100,000 United States1/24/23
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore $250,000 Global12/13/19
Institute for Strategic Dialogue UK $537,360 Multi-Regional10/13/21
Institute for Strategic Dialogue US $150,000 United States8/12/22
Just Futures Law $126,500 United States7/18/22
Just Futures Law $250,000 United States3/7/23
Logic Foundation $150,000 United States6/30/22 $150,000 United States1/29/18 $115,000 United States11/20/19
Luminate Projects Limited $7,500,000 United States3/15/23
March On Foundation $50,000 United States7/26/22
March On Foundation $35,000 Global7/29/22
Meedan $500,000 Global11/5/21
Morehouse College $250,000.00 United States10/31/22
Mozilla Foundation $250,000 Africa7/20/20
Mozilla Foundation $200,000 Global12/3/21
Multiplier $200,000 United States3/2/22
National Conference on Citizenship $500,000 United States11/1/21
NC Young People's Alliance $40,000 United States3/1/23
Northeastern University $200,000 United States5/10/23
Nuffield Foundation $100,000 Global12/14/21
Open Collective Foundation $100,000 Global12/14/21
Open Collective Foundation $50,000 United States1/23/23
Open Environmental Data Project $100,000 United States12/14/21
Open Future Europe $32,607 Europe5/16/23
Open Markets Institute $200,000 United States3/24/23
Parents Together Action $60,000 United States4/13/23 $100,000 Global12/14/21
POPVOX $45,000 United States6/21/23
Praekelt PBC $245,000 Global2/17/23
Public Knowledge $200,000 Global11/16/22
Rhia Ventures $20,000 United States11/10/22
SEJ, a project of New Venture Fund $50,000 United States11/16/22
Stanford Internet Observatory $600,000 Global9/30/22
SumOfUs $150,000 United States12/15/22
Surveillance Technology Oversight Project $100,000 United States12/14/21
Tech Matters $20,000 United States12/14/21
Tech Oversight Project $200,000 United States2/27/23
Tech Policy Press $212,000 Global7/20/22
The Busara Center for Behavioral Economics $20,000 Global12/14/21
The Tor Project $32,430 Global3/1/23
The University of Texas at Austin $350,000 Global6/4/21
Third Sector New England (TSNE) dba TSNE MissionWorks $75,000 United States11/30/22
UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose $475,000 Global6/29/22
UltraViolet Education Fund $50,000 United States9/2/22
UN Economic Commission for Africa $2,000,000 Africa11/1/22
United Nations Foundation $20,000 Global12/14/21
University of Birmingham $150,000 Global10/20/22
University of California, Berkeley Foundation $125,000 Global9/1/22
University of California, Los Angeles $20,000 United States12/14/21
University of Virginia $25,000 Global5/27/23
Verde $100,000 United States12/14/21
Worker Info Exchange $125,000 Global4/11/23
World Bank $2,000,000 Global12/26/19
Yale School of Management $450,000 Global10/13/21
Yale School of Management $200,000 Global4/27/23
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