Responsible Technology

Partner Amount
Aapti Institute200.000
Africa Check SA142.002
American Antitrust Institute125.000
AN Foundation210.000
Aspen Institute310.000
Battelle Media LLC50.000
Cambridge Blockchain150.000
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 2020 Encryption50.000
Center for American Progress Action Fund250.000
Center for Humane Technology800.000
Centre for African Affairs and Conflict Research202.040
Consumer Federation of America (CFA)250.000
Consumer Reports300.000
Coworker Solidarity Fund350.000
Dalberg Consulting567.000
EU DisinfoLab200.000
Fight for the Future200.000
Free Press Action Fund250.000
Genesis Analytics150.000
Global Disinformation Index12.000
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore250.000
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi150.000
Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade do Rio de Janeiro170.000
International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore4.000.000
IT for Change250.000
Lawyers Hub300.000
Mojaloop Foundation200.000
Mozilla Foundation3.305.000
Multiplier 2019 Operating Grant250.000
National Conference on Citizenship 2019 Civic Signals500.000
New America Foundation250.000
New Venture Fund600.000
Open Government Partnership18.000
Open Markets Action Fund250.000
Open Markets Institute400.000
Paradigm Initiative153.000
Public Citizen250.000
Public Knowledge950.000
Smart Africa450.000
Social Science Research Council1.350.000
Stanford Internet Observatory266.760
Strathmore University170.000
Terbium Labs2.500.000
The Busara Center for Behavioral Economics330.000
The Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice175.000
The University of Texas at Austin275.000
Trust and Safety Professional Association 2020 Founding Grant250.000
Tufts University100.000
UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose380.000
UN Economic Commission for Africa3.495.000
Unfold Stories612.864
United Nations Foundation Inc.686.620
University of Namur115.500
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg80.000
Vox Media / Recode Storytelling Partnership620.000
World Bank4.000.000
World Economic Forum1.499.220
Yale School of Management498.640
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