Reimagining Capitalism

We are capitalists who know that capitalism is fundamentally broken. While free markets have led to prosperity for some, they have also generated devastating inequities across economic, racial, and geographic lines.

We believe capitalism can still be a powerful force for good.

But only if we come together to build an economic system that is more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive.

That’s why Omidyar Network is supporting a range of organizations—nonprofits, advocacy organizations, worker groups, think tanks, journalists, and entrepreneurs—to address the structural challenges at the heart of capitalism.

Read Our Call to Reimagine Capitalism to learn more about our point of view.


Vision for the Future of Workers and Work

Our Call to Reimagine Capitalism in America.

Our Vision for Fair, Equitable Tax Policy

What We're Working On

Ideas matter. They affect everything from how we structure society to how we design our markets. The prevailing economic ideas of the past 50 years have dramatically failed by most measures. We believe it is long past time to replace them.

Our goal is to help germinate and build alignment around an updated set of ideas that fundamentally reimagine America’s economic paradigm. We are working with grantees, philanthropies, and other partners to help usher in a new era of economic common sense.

Read Our Call to Reimagine Capitalism to learn more about our point of view.

We believe we will only have a healthier economy—one that is better for employees, businesses, and society—when working people have greater power, agency, and voice at work, both individually and collectively.

We support a variety of organizing models to build that power, as well as efforts to reform labor policy at the federal, state, and local levels. Our ultimate goal is to increase the power of workers in innovative ways, so that working people can win better wages, policies, benefits, training, job opportunities, and working conditions.

Read Our Vision for the Future of Workers and Work to learn more about our point of view.

As an organization founded by the creator of eBay and with more than a decade of experience investing in impact-oriented entrepreneurs, we believe that business can be a real force for good. But too often, businesses and markets deliver outcomes that put profits over people and the planet.

We are working to shift business toward a different model of corporate governance, a new definition of value creation, and a different orientation of investment and capital markets activity.

We support new models, policies, and organizations focused on changing the incentives of corporate decision makers, and enabling stakeholders to hold companies accountable for their impacts on society.

Read more about how we’re working to reorient the rules and rebalance power in our economy.

Start-ups are part of our DNA, and we believe in competitive, dynamic economies. But start-up rates are down in the US, and concentration of market power is rising in a majority of industry sectors. While unchecked government power is a real danger to individual liberty, so is unchecked corporate power. 

Monopoly power threatens both the economy and our technology sector, and we work to address the issue in both arenas. We believe market guardrails can come from real competition, strict checks on monopolies, empowered consumers, grassroots organizations, and civil society.

A new wave of investment, unleashed by the Inflation Reduction Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and other recent legislation has the potential to accelerate America’s transition toward a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive economy. 

We are working with wide range of partners across industries and silos to deliver on a shared vision of success for these historic investments, aligning the resources, infrastructure, and networks required to deliver meaningful economic and climate benefits for both workers and under-served communities. 

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