Building Cultures of Belonging

Organization NameAmountGeographic FocusYear(s)
Advancing Black Strategists Initiative $ 200,000 United States2020
Build Up$ 150,000United States2020
Building Belonging$ 200,000United States, Global2022
Center for Critical Internet Inquiry$ 100,000United States2020
Citizen University$ 425,000United States2021, 2022
Civic Nation$ 250,000United States2022
Emergent Fund$ 125,000Global2020
Equity and Transformation $ 150,000 United States2020, 2021
Insight Center for Community Economic Development$ 150,000United States2020
Liberated Capital$ 250,000United States2020, 2021
Liberation Ventures$ 525,000United States2021, 2022
Mia Birdsong$ 225,000United States2021
Movement for Black Lives$ 300,000United States2020
New Pluralists, a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors$ 500,000United States2022
Next Chapter, a project of the Tides Center$ 100,000United States2020
Othering & Belonging Institute$ 1,700,000United States, Global2021, 2022
PolicyLink $ 700,000 United States2021, 2022
Pop Culture Collaborative$ 1,125,000United States2022
Repairers of the Breach $ 600,000 United States2021, 2022
Resonance Network$ 100,000United States2022
Roosevelt Institute$ 200,000United States2020
Trust for Civic Infrastructure, a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors$ 250,000United States2022
Welcoming America $ 525,000 United States2021, 2022
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