Become an Omidyar Network Associate

Are you ready to upend the status quo?

As an Omidyar Network Associate, you will join a community working to reimagine critical systems and the ideas that govern them while gaining the skills, experience, and networks needed to take your career to the next level.

About the Associate Program

Omidyar Network offers a unique platform for professionals with 3-5 years of relevant work experience to work alongside our colleagues and network partners toward our shared goal of building more inclusive and equitable societies.

Through this two-year program, Omidyar Network associates bring their unique perspectives to our work and play a critical role in building new areas of programmatic engagement, supporting our programmatic portfolios and specific portfolio investments, collaborating with partners, and engaging with diverse voices on our issues. Omidyar Network associates benefit from on-the-job training, mentoring, and peer-to-peer collaboration and learning opportunities. At the end of the two-year engagement, associates who successfully complete the program will take with them deep knowledge and networks around our programmatic portfolio as well as an understanding of approaches to influence and change.

Is the Associate Program right for you?

Each year, we recruit 4 early-career professionals who have a passion for our vision to build more inclusive and equitable societies. As an Omidyar Network associate you will:

Be an integral part of the Omidyar Network team as you coordinate and engage across investment, portfolio management, and learning processes.

Grow a broad network of partners in the field as you work across our programmatic portfolio: Reimagining Capitalism, Responsible Technology, and Building Cultures of Belonging.

Programs associates will be a part of decisions about where our investments can create the greatest impact. Using research, analysis, and collaborative problem solving you’ll inform our strategy, existing and new areas of programmatic engagement, and our programmatic investments themselves.

Learning & Impact associates will play a critical role in strengthening system sensing, organizational learning, evaluation, and knowledge management as part of the Learning and Impact team. In partnership with Programs, Learning & Impact associates will drive adaptation and decision-making toward our impact goals.

Successful candidates bring:

  • Demonstrated commitment to Omidyar Network’s vision for building more inclusive and equitable societies, in addition to our values.
  • Excellent research, analysis, problem solving, and written communication skills.
  • An ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and external partners.
  • Attention to detail and an ability to track and execute multiple projects and issues at once.
  • Creativity, curiosity, and a high degree of comfort with change and ambiguity.

Associate Testimonials

Andrew Brennen

As a queer African American from Kentucky with a background in education policy, I do not often see myself reflected in philanthropic spaces. However, as an advocate dedicated to seeking justice for my communities, I have become acquainted with the power of philanthropy to disrupt systems that entrench inequities rather than eradicate them. The associate program at Omidyar Network has conferred a network, skillset, and industry context that have positioned me to be an unlikely change agent in philanthropic spaces. From working with youth-led movements to hold big tech accountable to supporting Black- and Brown-led grassroots efforts to achieve economic justice, the associate program has enabled me to bring my intersecting identities and experiences to the table as an expert while simultaneously providing the space to learn and grow as a leader.

John Joanino

Working at Omidyar Network has given me extremely valuable experience at the intersection of venture philanthropy and policy advocacy. I have been challenged to think beyond the limits of traditional grantmaking and build fluency in a wider range of influence strategies that shift power while inspiring hearts and minds. Some of my favorite projects include leading an open innovation challenge and shaping our strategy to build worker power through state policy advocacy. Engaging with our partners has strengthened my own capacity as a cross-sector network weaver and coalition builder. The program has given me skills that I will take forward in my career in service of economic justice and responsible innovation. 

Ellen Jacobs

I love that ON is continually questioning and challenging how to best show up as a partner, as a funder, and as an advocate. Between dedicated internal spaces for discussion around topics like systems thinking and watching my colleagues build partnerships grounded in transparency and respect, I feel inspired and enabled to also challenge myself to grow as a colleague and partner. This commitment to learning and deep engagement encourages us to create innovative and multifaceted strategies to enact change, which has pushed me to develop my thinking around long-term impact, my ability to draw connections between organizations and issues, and approach work with boldness.

Vaishant Sharma

Working at ON is an amazing experience for so many reasons; but the people and culture are what make it unique. You are surrounded by colleagues who are curious and want to deliver positive social change through challenging the status quo of economic and tech systems. That creates opportunities to work on investments to organizations that are unique, such as a non-profit focused on building new and healthy digital spaces. The skills and perspectives at Omidyar continuously push me to think critically about howto approach the social issues we focus on and broadens my understanding of these complex systems.

Omidyar Network Associate Program FAQ

Omidyar Network is a global network of innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists, advocates, investors, activists, and organizations committed to addressing the most critical economic, technological, and societal issues of our time. You can learn more about us here

In 2022, we will recruit four associates—three Programmatic associates and one Learning and Impact associate.

Our Programs associates are integral members of our programmatic teams. In this role, associates will bring their unique perspectives to our work and play a critical part in researching new areas of programmatic engagement, supporting our programmatic portfolios and specific portfolio investments, collaborating with partners, and engaging with diverse voices on our issues. At the end of the two-year engagement, associates who’ve successfully completed the program will take with them deep knowledge and networks around our programmatic portfolio and an understanding of approaches to influence and change, as well as enhanced functional skills around end-to-end grant-making, stakeholder engagement, and communications.

The Learning and Impact (L&I) associate will be an integral member of the L&I team, which is part of our strategy unit. For the L&I role, we are looking for someone who who has a deep passion and experience in systems change and an interest in deepening their experience in strategy, evaluation, and learning in the context of complex adaptive systems. The L&I associate will also have a close relationship with at least one of ON’s programmatic areas, representing the L&I team. A successful candidate will have some experience and interest in facilitation; be a natural pattern finder, deep listener, and synthesizer of different inputs and types of “data”; enjoy learning through experimentation and adaptation; and be highly empathic and introspective.

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about reimagining the systems that impact our daily lives to build an equitable and inclusive economy. The ideal candidate has three to five years of relevant professional experience. This could include relevant roles in the fields of organizing, advocacy, policymaking, journalism, marketing and communications, economics, technology, pluralism, behavioral psychology, anthropology, philanthropy, consulting, investing and others.

While all Omidyar Network staff are currently working remotely, associates will be expected to report to either our Washington, D.C., or Redwood City, California offices once they re-open. Associates must have US work authorization and not require sponsorship.

Yes. The Omidyar Network Associate is a full-time, two-year salaried position that features competitive pay and benefits, including health care (medical/dental/vision), paid time off, and generous employer 401k contributions.

Omidyar Network has programs under three themes: Reimagining Capitalism, Responsible Technology and Pluralism.

Omidyar Network Programs associates work across multiple areas in our programmatic portfolio, making this a unique opportunity to become fully immersed in our issues, identify and inform new strategies, and tap into Omidyar Network’s extensive network of partners. We expect that associates will be assigned to 2-3 portfolios or projects at any given time.

The Omidyar Network Learning & Impact associate will work as part of the Learning and Impact Team to support Programs with their strategy, learning, and evaluation needs. They will play a lead role in implementing and improving the knowledge management, analysis, and sharing necessary for ON to be a learning organization. They will also help us deepen our systems and complexity practice by conducting research on new tools and resources and developing experiments and pilots with Programs.

Programs associates support different programs throughout the organization. However, you will have a dedicated manager who will help you navigate your workload, access learning opportunities, and grow in the position.

Omidyar Network Learning & Impact associates will report to our Learning & Impact director and work closely with the Learning & Impact principal and program partners.

All associates will be paired with a senior Omidyar Network staff member who will serve as a mentor to help you think through how to make the most of your time at Omidyar Network, as well as longer-term career plans.

The Omidyar Network Associate Program is a two-year professional program designed to help mission-driven, early-career professionals gain exposure to philanthropy in the social change field while building their skills and growing in a diverse, unparalleled professional network. Associates are expected to leave Omidyar Network at the end of the program. We expect that alumni of the program will continue to develop as leaders at organizations that work for transformative social change.

Applications for the first cohort of Omidyar Network associates will be considered on a rolling basis and are due by the date listed in the job posting. Selected candidates will be contacted for up to three rounds of interviews: a phone screening, a panel interview, and a final round that involves the preparation and presentation of an assignment. We will complete our interview process by the end of April and anticipate that the new associate class will start on July 11, 2022.

If the Omidyar Network Associate Program is right for you, access a full job description and apply here.