Reimagining Capitalism

PartnerAmountYearGeographic Focus Type
Action Center on Race and the Economy Institute$350,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
American Compass$200,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Center for American Progress$450,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
B Lab Company$200,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Center for Political Accountability$200,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Center for Popular Democracy$300,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Citizens for Tax Justice$75,000 2020North AmericaPolitical
Community Change$1,150,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
CORE Economics Education$245,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Demos$500,000 2019North AmericaNon-Profit
Amalgamated Charitable Foundation, Inc.$250,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Free Press Action Fund$100,000 2020North AmericaPolitical
Gallup$200,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
The Global Impact Investing Network$60,000 2020GlobalNon-Profit
Grassroots Policy Project$250,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Groundwork Action (Sixteen Thirty Fund)$600,000 2020North AmericaPolitical
Hoosier Action Inc.$50,000 2020North AmericaPolitical
The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity (The Ohio State University Foundation)$300,000 2019North AmericaNon-Profit
Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (Korean Immigrant Workers Advocates of Southern CA)$300,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Liberation in a Generation (PolicyLink)$150,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
The LIFT Fund (Solidago Foundation)$340,000 2018North AmericaNon-Profit
Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (The LAANE Action Fund)$75,000 2020North AmericaPolitical
Make the Road Action$100,000 2020North AmericaPolitical
Michigan Peoples Campaign$50,000 2020North AmericaPolitical
MOSES Action (Michigan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength Action)$50,000 2020North AmericaPolitical
National Domestic Workers Alliance Inc.$800,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
New York Communities for Change, Inc.$75,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Public Citizen Foundation, Inc.$230,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Response and Vision Fund (AVINA AMERICAS, INC.)$250,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Roosevelt Institute (The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute)$1,000,000 2019North AmericaNon-Profit
Thomson Reuters Foundation$268,609 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
United for Respect Education Fund$500,000 2019North AmericaPolitical
University of Florida Center for Public Interest (University of Florida Foundation, Inc.)$100,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Vote Yes for Fair Tax$500,000 2020North AmericaPolitical
Vox Media / Recode (Vox Media, LLC.)$620,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Workers Defense Fund$75,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Progressive Caucus Action Fund$250,000 2020North AmericaPolitical
The Nation$25,000 2021North AmericaPolitical
Economic Security Project Action$500,000 2020North AmericaPolitical
Data for Progress$500,000 2020North AmericaNon-Profit
Working Washington$500.00 2020North AmericaPolitical
National Academy of Sciences$47,000 2021North AmericaNon-Profit
American Affairs$40,000 2021North AmericaNon-Profit
Teen Vogue $135,000 2020North AmericaFor-Profit
Maine Equal Justice $170,000 2021North AmericaPolitical
Americans for Financial Reform $150,000 2021North AmericaPolitical
JUST Capital $100,000 2021North AmericaNon-Profit
Sustainability Accounting Standards Board $125,000 2021North AmericaNon-Profit
The New School $300,000 2021North AmericaNon-Profit
Faith in Action Fund $150,000 2021North AmericaNon-Profit
Center for Responsive Politics $150,000 2021North AmericaNon-Profit
Tides Advocacy $90,000 2021North AmericaNon-Profit
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