Reimagining Capitalism

The following is a list of current investments. A list of prior grants can be found here.

Organization Name Amount  Geographic FocusInvestment Approval Date
Accountable.US$150,000 United States9/29/22
Action Center on Race & the Economy Institute (ACRE)$400,000 United States11/8/21
African Communities Together$60,000 United States11/17/22
American Compass$500,000 United States4/11/22
Americans for Financial Reform (AFR)$300,000 United States8/15/22
Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund$300,000 United States8/15/22
B Lab$450,000 United States8/3/21
Better Markets$550,000 United States6/28/22
Boston Review$250,000 United States10/27/22
Brookings Institution$200,000 United States8/30/21
Business Forward, Inc.$250,000 United States11/15/22
California Donor Table, a project of Tides Advocacy$50,000 United States12/5/22
Carry on the Fight Fund, a project of the Sixteen Thirty Fund$500,000 United States10/20/21
Center for American Progress$450,000 United States5/9/22
Center for Political Accountability$125,000 United States11/28/22
Community Change Action$750,000 United States12/13/22
Coworker Solidarity Fund$300,000 United States12/4/22
Democracy Journal$75,000 United States4/12/23
Demos$200,000 United States4/27/23
Economic Policy Institute$60,000 United States2/10/23
Economic Policy Institute$1,000,000 United States5/11/23
Economic Security Project Action$750,000 United States12/13/22
Families and Workers Fund, a project of Amalgamated Foundation$500,000 United States12/4/22
For the Long Term$425,000 United States8/30/22
Financial Services Stakeholder Action$75,000 United States3/24/23
Financial Services Stakeholder Project$125,000 United States3/24/23
Grassroots Power Project$100,000 United States12/4/22
Groundwork Action Project Funding, a project of Sixteen Thirty Fund$1,000,000 United States3/18/23
Harvard University$75,000 United States9/27/22
Horizon Project$95,000 United States12/13/22
Horizon Project$275,000 United States2/14/23
Inquilinxs Unidxs Por Justicia (United Renters for Justice)$60,000 United States11/10/22
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)$500,000 United States10/19/22
Jobs with Justice Education Fund$250,000 United States12/12/22
Jobs with Justice Education Fund$800,000 United States4/6/22
Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA)$700,000 United States12/20/21
Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA)$600,000 United States12/20/21
Majority Action$230,000 United States5/4/22
MH Action, a project of The Tides Center$60,000 United States11/10/22
National Academy of Sciences$25,000 United States10/6/21
Neighborhood Funders Group$900,000 United States4/4/23
New America Foundation $300,000 United States12/8/22
New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health$275,000 United States3/18/23
New York Labor Documentary LLC$250,000 United States10/27/22
New York University$94,000 United States8/1/22
Novata$1,000,000 Global9/16/21
One Fair Wage Action$100,000 United States9/27/22
OpenSecrets$85,000 United States12/14/22
Powering a New Economy Fund, a project of Sixteen Thirty Fund$600,000 United States11/30/22
Poynter Institute$155,000 United States9/27/22
Private Capital Research Institute (PCRI)$90,000 United States6/28/22
Progressive Caucus Action Fund$160,000 United States12/13/22
Public Private Strategies Institute$150,000 United States11/1/22
Rethinking Economics$35,000 United States10/11/22
Rhia Ventures$80,000 United States11/10/22
Roosevelt Institute$1,000,000 United States3/18/23
Roosevelt Institute$75,000 United States4/14/23
Santa Fe Institute$6,500,000 United States12/6/21
SHARE$80,000 Global9/23/22
ShareAction$130,150 Global7/26/22
SiX Action$150,000 United States12/4/22
Swiss Philanthropy Foundation$1,500,000 Europe12/17/21
The American Prospect$82,000 United States4/12/23
The Association for Stewardship Professionals (StePs)$100,000 Global12/10/21
The New Press$425,000 United States10/27/22
The New School$750,000 United States4/18/22
The San Francisco Foundation$300,000 United States6/13/22
The Shareholder Commons$400,000 United States9/10/21
The University of Oxford Development Trust$60,000 Global8/1/22
Washington Center for Equitable Growth$250,000 United States4/27/23
Wellbeing Economy Alliance$130,000 Global10/26/22
Working Families Organization$500,000 United States10/23/20
Zoe Institute for Future Fit Economies$32,213 Europe2/13/23
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