What’s Good About Being Frustrated, Unemployed and Wired? Mass Global Growth in Volunteerism

DoSomething.org Launches International Web Platform in 8 Countries

New York, NY – Seizing the volunteerism wave, a popular American charity is launching in 8 other countries today. With nearly 3 million members in the United States, DoSomething.org is setting its sites on young people around the world.

There are 1.8 billion young people ages 10-24 in the world. This is the largest generation ever, representing 25% of the total population.  They face high unemployment and acute poverty. And, DoSomething.org thinks they are hungry to volunteer.

“From Ferguson to the Arab Spring, young people are frustrated and want change,” says Nancy Lublin, CEO of DoSomething.org. “But unlike past generations, our research shows that they are not looking to political leaders. They want to fix things themselves, in new ways.”

In the United States, DoSomething.org has used its web platform and mobile technology to activate millions of young people. DoSomething.org campaigns address real local problems, with often quirky solutions that do not require money, an adult, or a car. For example, DoSomething.org members have collected over 4.3 million pairs of jeans for homeless youth and donated over 500,000 jars of peanut butter to food pantries.

Eight new affiliates will be live on the DoSomething.org web platform today, able to customize language, photos, and content to create campaigns that matter to young people in their country. The data and technology is all integrated and was built in-house. Future features and product launches include: geolocation, support for a robust mobile platform operational in all countries, customized data dashboards, and a unified messaging architecture.

“DoSomething.org is a new breed of not-for-profit that looks and sounds more like a tech start-up than a charity,” said Jackie Bezos, President of the Bezos Family Foundation which provided key support along with the Omidyar Network.

DoSomething.org launches in the following 8 countries today, with at least five campaigns in each location:

  • Do Something Botswana is running campaigns to activate Botswanans to donate blood, register to vote, get HIV tested, and distribute sanitary pads for girls in need. Visit: https://botswana.dosomething.org
  • Do Something Canada is running campaigns to activate Canadians to quit smoking, adopt shelter animals, and support conservation. Visit: https://canada.dosomething.org
  • Do Something Congo is running campaigns to activate Congolese to protect forests, save vampire energy, reduce trash, improve sanitation, help orphans and make government policies accountable. Visit: https://congo.dosomething.org
  • Do Something Ghana is running campaigns to activate Ghanaians teach financial literacy, provide books for low-income areas, recycle, and collect sanitary pads for girls in need. Visit: https://ghana.dosomething.org
  • Do Something Indonesia is running campaigns to activate Indonesians to improve self-esteem, improve child literacy, recycle, and teach motorbike safety. Visit: https://indonesia.dosomething.org
  • Do Something Kenya is running campaigns to activate Kenyans to collect sanitary pads for girls in need, run toy drives, and create planting parties to improve the environment. Visit: https://kenya.dosomething.org
  • Do Something Nigeria is running campaigns to activate Nigerians around recycling, mammogram screenings, access to education, college admissions, and sanitation. Visit: https://nigeria.dosomething.org
  • Do Something UK is running campaigns to activate UK youth around recycling, educate dads about their blood pressure, create inclusive sports team, and recycle cans. Visit: https://uk.dosomething.org


The organization expects to add more countries in 2015 and is actively seeking partners in China, Mexico, India and Brazil.

For more information, visit: https://www.dosomething.org/about/international