SeeClickFix Battle Royale: Omidyar Network vs. OATV

June 13, 2011 – The SeeClickFix team proudly announces its inaugural SeeClickFix Venture Capitalist Battle Royale! Starting today and ending June 24, Omidyar Network and OATV will be going head-to-head to see which organization can report the most issues in just two weeks–while simultaneously improving their communities. Who doesn’t love some good ol’ fashioned competition?

The two organizations must work as teams to fight blight through SeeClickFix’s various reporting channels. Luckily, there are two team accounts, TeamOmidyar and TeamOATV, through which everyone can report their concerns or suggestions. Progress will be tracked, and at the end of each week stats will be posted on the SeeClickFix blog and Facebook page and @SeeClickFix.

Both teams should keep in mind two things. When reporting issues, team members should include their full initials (first, middle, and last) at the bottom of their issue description. This information will be used to identify a weekly team MVP. Similarly, points will not be rewarded for duplicate issues, so everyone will need to keep track of what their fellow teammates are reporting.

To follow the action, check out the each organization’s SeeClickFix profiles: TeamOmidyar and TeamOATV. Updates with competition news can also be found on our social media channels during the two weeks, so stay tuned. Let the games begin!