Teen Vogue: Tell Us Your Plan To Reimagine Capitalism and You Could Win $5,000 to Fund Your Idea

2020 has impacted each and every person in the US on a personal level. It’s also revealed glaring structural problems on a much larger scale. 

Lack of healthcare access and scant worker protections meant the pandemic hit Black and Latinx communities and low-income populations the hardest. The resulting economic recession has left people out of work and lacking adequate government support. Black Lives Matter, which may be the largest movement in US history, challenged the country to reconcile with a history built on racism, and as a result companies big and small pledged to take steps towards becoming more diverse, inclusive and equitable. California’s record-breaking wildfire season burned more than double the acres of the previous record, underscoring the realities of climate change.

Now, there’s no going back. With these injustices laid bare, an opportunity to create a new future has presented itself. That’s why Teen Vogue is partnering with Omidyar Network to host the Reimagine Capitalism Contest. We’re calling on our audience of talented, passionate, and informed young people to share their ideas for how they’d redefine economic success in our society for a chance to win $5,000.

About Omidyar Network

Omidyar Network is a social change venture that believes capitalism has the potential to be a force for good. Its goal is to reimagine the systems on which our society is built and create a more equitable world where everyone — not just those with the most means — has the power to thrive. Since 2004, the Network has given away more than $1 billion to companies and non-profit organizations who are working towards those efforts. 

One of the organizations supported by Omidyar Network is the Roosevelt Institute, whose president and CEO, Felicia Wong, spoke at the 2020 Teen Vogue Summit. Wong works to bring more young people into the world of policy. Founded on the belief that changing who writes the rules can create true public power, the Roosevelt Institute supports student-led policy initiatives at the campus, local, and state levels, and connects students with a vast network of policy professionals. 

The Roosevelt Institute, Omidyar Network, and Teen Vogue all believe that the next generation of leaders deserve a platform for its ideas. We also believe that these ideas have the potential to create real change in our society, economy, and democracy. That’s why we’re turning to Teen Vogue readers to find and fund plans for the future of capitalism that are not only more inclusive, but explicitly anti-racist.

Learn more on how to enter, here.