Mike Kubzansky

The Faults in Our Macro Models, and How to Fix Them

July 28, 2023 · Lindsay Owens, Groundwork Collaborative and Mike Kubzansky, Omidyar Network During a breakout session at the latest Stanford PACS Philanthropy Innovation Summit, Mike Kubzansky ...
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Reflections and Actions from Our Grantee Perception Report

Mike Kubzansky, CEO Part of how we in philanthropy make ourselves more accountable is by listening and acting upon what we hear even—especially—when it’s critical. ...
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Milton Friedman’s Vision Has Failed. Let’s Bury It and Move On.

Commentary by Mike Kubzansky, CEO of Omidyar Network, in Barron’s Fifty years ago this week, economist Milton Friedman wrote that, “There is one and only ...
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