We believe that pluralism is a prerequisite for any meaningful social change.

But as the world experiences upheaval and uncertainty on a massive scale, forces like authoritarianism and nationalism threaten to infringe on rights and roll back progress all around the globe.

We believe we can find common ground as a global community.

That’s why Omidyar Network is working to create the conditions and civic space where individuals can begin to flourish. That means reimagining a more open society that empowers people and communities with diverse perspectives, developing new forms of understanding, and creating a dialogue that is grounded in respect for humanity. Our goal is a world where all— regardless of where they come from—can meet as equals.

As this is our newest area of focus, we continue to conduct research and make experimental investments to help refine our approach in this realm.

Ideas We're Exploring

As funders, we recognize our privilege. We intend to use that privilege and the power that comes with it, to do our part to dismantle white supremacy. In the wake of George Floyd’s brutal murder we recognized “the fierce urgency of now” and committed $500,000 to organizations that are fighting on the frontlines for racial justice. We will be making additional investments and actively seeking partnerships with organizations focused on issues impacting the Black community.

Our goal is a world where all — regardless of where they come from — can meet as equals.

Other Ideas

As we gain clarity on how to best promote a positive pluralistic society, Omidyar Network will make exploratory grants to define the contours of this area of focus.