Omidyar Network 2022: A Year In Review

2022 was a year of resilience, hope, growth, and learning, for us at Omidyar Network, and in the world more broadly.

We peeked our head out from under the Covid covers as the pandemic eased and reminded ourselves of the value of human connection. We experienced great triumphs, from the first Black woman appointed to the Supreme Court to an historic surge in worker organizing. 

Eight people joined our staff and we released two Points of View: Trustworthy Messaging Platforms and our Vision to Advance a Responsible Technology Future. 

For all these positive advances, there has been real cause for concern as the world continues to confront significant issues. We bore witness to a major war returning to Europe, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Iranian government is continuing its crackdown on legitimate protest. Tension is rising between the US and China. Climate change continues to threaten our future. And inflation has taken a toll on our wallets.

But for all these successes and setbacks, we remain optimistic about the future. We chart our path forward, course correct as needed, and stay steadfast to our mission. As the year closes, we reflect on the year that was and look forward to 2023, together.


As we go into 2023, we look to the new year with hope. Instead of making a resolution that 80% of us are bound to give up by mid-February, we have been inspired by the idea of choosing one word to guide us. 

Our word: Curiosity.  

We are going into 2023 with wonder, seeking new ideas and perspectives, learning from our successes and our failures, and adapting to meet the challenges we know that are ahead. We hope you will join us.