Omidyar Network Joins Mojaloop Foundation as Inaugural Sponsor Member

Omidyar Network is proud to announce it will serve on the leadership board of the newly launched Mojaloop Foundation. The nonprofit organization focuses on increasing financial inclusion by empowering a diverse, global payment ecosystem to spur payment solutions for all. And, together, we believe in a world where everyone, everywhere has access to digital financial services to connect the global economy. “With the support of its dedicated community of developers, Mojaloop is designed upfront with the privacy, security, and other critical safeguards to truly enable safe, trustworthy, and inclusive financial services. And the Mojaloop Foundation brings together the leaders needed to provide that direction, funding, and legal framework to ensure its open source software always remains a free, public good,” said CV Madhukar, managing director of Beneficial Technology at Omidyar Network.   

Read the full announcement here.