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Open AI saga raises important questions about the future of generative AI

By Anamitra Deb, Managing Director, Responsible Technology Many questions remain about the sudden ouster of Sam Altman as CEO of OpenAI. As of now, it ...
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Collective victories toward a safer digital future and charting the path ahead

By Wafa Ben-Hassine, Principal, Responsible Technology We spend a great deal of time thinking about how technology affects society. Yet, despite our reflections, a clear ...
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A series of microphones representing media outlets above an invitation to apply to become a Reporter in Residence with Omidyar Network

Apply to become an Omidyar Network Reporter in Residence

By Alexis Krieg, Omidyar Network Compelling journalism is more than just a series of headlines; it’s a formidable force that shapes public discourse, holds power ...
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(L-R) Rana Foroohar, Global Business Columnist & Associate Editor, Financial Times, Tolga Kurtoglu, Managing Partner & CEO, LeapAI, Inc., Roy Bahat, Head, Bloomberg Beta and Amanda Ballantyne, Director, AFL-CIO Technology Institute & AFL-CIO Working for America Institute speak onstage during Vox Media's 2023 Code Conference at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel on September 27, 2023 in Dana Point, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Vox Media)

Omidyar Network at Code 2023: How generative AI will reshape the workforce and economy

Experts discussed the importance of centering workers in the transition to an AI-economy By Lauren Alexander, Omidyar Network This week, Omidyar Network convened a panel ...
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The SEC’s new private funds rule is a win for American retirement savers

By Chris Jurgens, Senior Director, Reimagining Capitalism This week the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted a set of rules aimed at bringing about greater transparency, ...
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STATEMENT: Supreme Court strikes down race-conscious admissions programs

Today, the Supreme Court issued two rulings that struck down universities’ ability to consider race in college admissions. These rulings are a major step backward ...
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Turning Breakdowns into Breakthroughs: How Omidyar Network is Contributing to Systems Change

Illustration by Studio J Lorne (Krystie Mariano and Jason Lorne Giles)   By Jessica Kiessel, Senior Director, Learning and Impact We live in tumultuous times. From ...
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Antitrust & Digital Democracy

Illustration by Studio J Lorne (Krystie Mariano and Jason Lorne Giles) By Gus Rossi, Director of Responsible Technology, and Ellen Jacobs, Programs Associate A handful of ...
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Building Worker Power: Our Updated Strategy & Learnings

By Tracy Williams, Director and John Joanino, Associate, Reimagining Capitalism At Omidyar Network, we know that a more inclusive economy is only possible when working ...
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Shaping a New Economic Paradigm

Sharing our Learning and Updated Strategy By Tracy Williams, Director, and Audrey Stienon, Associate, Reimagining Capitalism At Omidyar Network, our Reimagining Capitalism team aims to ...
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