Text "A philanthropy's field guide for supporting narrative change" with blue background and collage of a videographer, video reel, and a worker's strike

How Omidyar Network has worked to shift beliefs about capitalism and our economy

By Alexis Krieg What is “narrative change”? For every ten people you ask, you’re likely to receive nine different answers. But talk about the concept ...
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Portrait of Carter B. Woodson

Celebrating the Black diaspora, its power to inspire solidarity, and pathways to repair

By Fanta Condé and Vanessa Mason We come together with hearts that know hurt but souls that choose joy, testifying that we matter. — Melvina ...
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Workers installing a solar panel in front of a factory and wind farm

Omidyar Network launches new portfolio to seed a just economic transition

By Gretchen Phillips and London Swift In a span of less than 18 months, Congress passed four major pieces of legislation that invest more than ...
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Illustration of large magnifying glass looming above businesspeople and buildings

How to shift private markets to better serve the public interest

Missed the first two blogs in this series? Read part one “How building coalitions can drive financial regulatory reforms” and part two “How investors can ...
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Data privacy demonstrated with phone, lock, safeguard symbols

Reversing the lopsided bargain in our data ecosystem

By Liza Paudel, Omidyar Network and Christopher Wilson, Mydata Global With mobile payments; facial recognition in airports, public schools, and city streets; algorithms used in ...
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Omidyar Network launches “Cultivating Repair” with Call for Nominations

A new strategy within Omidyar Network’s Building Cultures of Belonging focus area, “Cultivating Repair” will begin with a participatory learning cohort to explore the multiple ...
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Two businesspeople's hands holding puzzle pieces coming together

How investors can work with stakeholders to reimagine capitalism

Missed part 1 in this series? Read “How building coalitions can drive financial regulatory reforms” here and part 3 “How to shift private markets to ...
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Illustration of a child standing in front of screens and social media

For child internet safety, freedom of speech is not freedom of reach.

By Gus Rossi, Director, Responsible Technology With 22 million teens logging onto Instagram daily, child and online safety is at the forefront of state and ...
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Two robot hands reaching each other with blue background

Open AI saga raises important questions about the future of generative AI

By Anamitra Deb, Managing Director, Responsible Technology Many questions remain about the sudden ouster of Sam Altman as CEO of OpenAI. As of now, it ...
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Globe with icons representing corporations and capital markets

How building coalitions can drive financial regulatory reforms

This is the first blog in this series. Read part 2 “How investors can work with stakeholders to reimagine capitalism” here and part 3 “How ...
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