Claire Pei

Two businesspeople's hands holding puzzle pieces coming together

How investors can work with stakeholders to reimagine capitalism

Missed part 1 in this series? Read “How building coalitions can drive financial regulatory reforms” here and part 3 “How to shift private markets to ...
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Illustration of a child standing in front of screens and social media

For child internet safety, freedom of speech is not freedom of reach.

By Gus Rossi, Director, Responsible Technology With 22 million teens logging onto Instagram daily, child and online safety is at the forefront of state and ...
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Robot hand holding money and a bag of cash, yellow background

Omidyar Network Launches a Dedicated Funding Effort to Promote Inclusive and Responsible Development of Generative AI

$30 million initial investment will bridge gaps between industry, civil society, and policymakers, broadening generative AI infrastructure in service of society. Today, building on its ...
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Biden Administration Made Two Announcements on AI; Don’t Let One Overshadow the Other

This article was originally published on The Messenger here.  By Michele Lawrence Jawando President Biden’s Executive Order on AI is appropriately ambitious. From outlining new ...
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Two robot hands reaching each other with blue background

Open AI saga raises important questions about the future of generative AI

By Anamitra Deb, Managing Director, Responsible Technology Many questions remain about the sudden ouster of Sam Altman as CEO of OpenAI. As of now, it ...
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Globe with icons representing corporations and capital markets

How building coalitions can drive financial regulatory reforms

This is the first blog in this series. Read part 2 “How investors can work with stakeholders to reimagine capitalism” here and part 3 “How ...
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Illustration of two smartphones showing WhatsApp. Blue background

Collective victories toward a safer digital future and charting the path ahead

By Wafa Ben-Hassine, Principal, Responsible Technology We spend a great deal of time thinking about how technology affects society. Yet, despite our reflections, a clear ...
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Blue AI tech graphic

Philanthropies Launch New Initiative to Ensure AI Advances the Public Interest

We are proud to stand with Vice President Kamala Harris and our many partners in philanthropy at this critical juncture for the future of AI. ...
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Construction workers with sunset in the background

Major Philanthropies Launch “BuildUS” Fund to Accelerate Implementation of Historic Federal Investments

The pooled fund will focus grant making on local, state, and federal efforts to achieve a low-carbon, worker-centered, equitable economy  Washington, DC (September 26, 2023) ...
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Language model illustration with blue overlay

Bending Generative AI’s Trajectory Toward a Responsible Technology Future

Generative artificial intelligence’s (AI) pace of innovation and scale of deployment, combined with its novel potential and risks, is an urgent call to take meaningful ...
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