Omidyar Network purchases shares of Anthropic

Image of a robot holding a light bulb in front of a stock dashboard

Omidyar Network, alongside Ford Foundation and Nathan Cummings Foundation, recently purchased just under 50,000 shares of Anthropic stock that were made available for sale as part of FTX’s bankruptcy proceedings.

The purchase, which builds on Omidyar Network’s long history as an impact investor, reflects our commitment to supporting the safe and responsible development of generative AI.

“As a philanthropic leader who manages both our grants and our capital for social good, we are investing in generative AI that protects and promotes the public interest and prioritizes the long-term benefit of humanity. That’s why we recently acquired shares in Anthropic, a leading generative AI company recognized for its commitment to transparency, accountability, and safety,” said Mike Kubzansky, CEO of Omidyar Network.

One of Omidyar Network’s core beliefs is that representation matters profoundly, and diverse and inclusive participation is the foundation for responsible technology.

We appreciate that Claude, Anthropic’s large language model, is governed by a constitution that was informed by input from 1,000 Americans, as well as inspiration from the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Anthropic’s governance model, a novel approach in which a “long-term benefit trust” oversees some seats on its board, effectively creating a buffer against direct investor influence, also reflects Omidyar Network’s efforts to promote and support new corporate governance formats that reflect the interests of multiple stakeholders, and not just financial shareholders.

Following the governance failures at OpenAI, we are hopeful that having mission-aligned investors—even as a small portion of the shareholders—will help protect and reinforce the safety and other mission-driven priorities of Anthropic’s work.

As generative AI grows as an industry, so will Omidyar Network’s investments in funds, organizations, and companies that share our belief that generative AI must be developed and governed in service of human flourishing, and not just a rush to capture profits.

To take on this incredible task and opportunity, we invite others to join us.