Omidyar Network Endorses PRO Act to Expand Worker Power

By Beth Kanter, Chief Advocacy and Strategic Communications Officer

Omidyar Network believes that we will only have a healthier economy—one that is better for employees, businesses, and society—when working people have greater power agency, and voice at work, both individually and collectively. Power in the workplace allows people to advocate for better wages, policies, benefits, training, job opportunities, and working conditions —and gives them greater agency to shape their destiny at work and in the economy overall.

Working alongside many of our grantees and partners, we are committed to fighting for labor reform policies that increase the power of working people in innovative ways. That is why we are proud to publicly announce our support for the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act of 2021. This vital piece of legislation is a major step forward in strengthening the rights and protections of working people. It would ensure that working Americans are able to stand together and bargain for fairer wages, better benefits, and safer workplaces.

In the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis that has threatened the lives and livelihood of millions of working Americans, the need has never been more urgent. We urge Congress to quickly pass the PRO Act into law.