First of Its Kind Fund to Power Youth Leadership in Responsible Technology

Applications Now Open; $1.5 Million Raised to Date



February 15, 2023 – The Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund invites youth and intergenerationally led organizations to submit proposals for initiatives that are shaping the future of the responsible technology movement. Omidyar Network, Hopelab, Susan Crown Exchange, The Archewell Foundation, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, Data Funders Collaborative, New Media Ventures, Oak Foundation, The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, Pivotal Ventures, and Reynolds Lookup Fund partnered to invest $1.5 million into the fund for disbursement, with a goal of raising $2 million by April 1, 2023.

Young people are a powerful force in the pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable technology ecosystem. However, cultural, social, and infrastructural barriers often prevent youth-led organizations and intergenerational partnerships from accessing funding and realizing their full power and potential in shaping responsible technology.

“We’ve heard first-hand from Gen Z leaders. They’ve got the ideas, the technological savvy, and the vision to upend the status quo and create more equitable systems of technology,” said Dr. Jaspal Sandhu, Hopelab’s Executive Vice President. “What they don’t often have are the funds required to fuel their work. That’s why we’re investing in them directly to not just have a seat at the table – but to help build it.”

The responsible technology movement is about:

  • Building, shaping, and stewarding our tech ecosystem to safeguard human rights
  • Leveraging technology platforms to address social, cultural, political, or environmental problems
  • Ensuring equitable access to the benefits of technology
  • Mitigating the harmful impacts of technology on all communities, including youth

“Societies globally are wrestling with major issues like the youth mental health crisis and the decay of our information environment,” said Emma Leiken, of Omidyar Network’s Responsible Technology Team. “What and who can we trust online? How do we address online mis- and dis-information? And what safeguards can we create with, instead of for, young people? These questions touch on issues ranging from platform accountability to cybersecurity, privacy, digital literacy, data equity, algorithmic bias, and digital well-being.”

Youth and intergenerationally led 501(c)3 eligible organizations and initiatives working in the responsible technology movement should apply now (final deadline is April 1, 2023). The Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund will award one-year grants ranging between $25,000 and $200,000 — based on the stage of the organization or initiative and funding needs. Those with questions about or interest in contributing should reach out to the RT Youth Power Fund. Learn more about us on our website:

Contact the team at [email protected]