Strengthening Kenyan Media: Exploring a Path Towards Journalism in the Public Interest

Omidyar Network, in partnership with social innovation agency Reboot, has today released a research report evaluating the state of the media in Kenya. The report is based on interviews with 73 journalists, editors, media entrepreneurs, members of civil society, and consumers of media in Kenya, predominantly in Nairobi.  The research finds that despite enjoying a reputation for a strong, established media industry, respondents across the board agreed that journalists are facing new and immediate challenges to their ability to report in the public interest. Some prominent reasons cited were economic uncertainty, political interference, skills and capacity gaps, and weak links with civil society.

This report hopes to inspire a holistic approach to strengthening independent media in Kenya by addressing economic, skills, and capacity shortfalls while at the same time finding creative ways to shield journalists from political interference.

Read the report here.