Andrew Brennen

Associate, Programs

As an associate at Omidyar Network, Andrew conducts research and analysis to inform the programmatic portfolio, and actively engages across our investment and stakeholder network to reimagine critical systems and the ideas that govern them.
Prior to Omidyar Network, Andrew served as a National Geographic 2020 education fellow supporting youth-led movements and organizations around the globe. He co-founded the Kentucky Student Voice Team, which helps to amplify and elevate students as partners in improving Kentucky schools including through the successful #PowerballPromise campaign that restored $14 million for low-income student scholarships.
Before that Andrew worked as the national field director for Student Voice, interned then consulted for the Obama Foundation’s program team and served in strategic communication roles at APCO Worldwide and Hattaway Communications.
Andrew attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Education Policy & Management at the Harvard Graduate School of Education