Three Keys To Unlocking Consumer Trust In Fintech

We are in the midst of a strong economy and record-low unemployment. Yet, the majority of American households are not able to achieve financial health. Roughly 180 million adults in this country—more than 70 percent of all adults—struggle with some or all aspects of their financial lives, whether that’s having a savings cushion or simply being able to pay their bills on time, according to data from the new US Financial Health Pulse.

An emerging cohort of entrepreneurs is using technology to develop financial products and services aimed at addressing these issues. Helping consumers become financially healthy is an important business opportunity — but it also represents a major business challenge, because many consumers today have little trust in the financial services sector overall. Establishing that trust is critical to success, and a lot depends on the revenue model chosen by an entrepreneur in a financial health-focused fintech.

Omidyar Network, in conjunction with Oliver Wyman, the global management consultancy, recently examined how fintechs focused on this market are turning traditional financial services models on their heads. As they attempt to discover which models will establish trust, as well as support business growth, there are three ways in which many are finding success.

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