New Grants Fund 50-State Corruption Risk Index

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 17, 2011 — The Center for Public Integrity, Public Radio International and Global Integrity have received $1.5 million in grants to fund an ambitious risk analysis of corruption in all 50 state governments.

Omidyar Network will supply up to $1 million for the 18-month effort and the Rita Allen Foundation has agreed to provide $500,000 in matching funds. The State Accountability Project will hire political reporters part-time in every state capital and rank the 50 states for susceptibility to corruption.
The journalists will assess the existence and effectiveness of anti-corruption and government transparency measures at the state level, including political financing, civil service management and state budget processes. The project team will also create online data, reporting and technology tools to empower citizens to demand greater accountability and reform.
“Some of the most hidden forms of political corruption in this country increasingly occur in state governments,” said William E. Buzenberg, executive director of the Center for Public Integrity. “The State Accountability Project will rank each state for risk and specifically show where the dangers lie. Then citizens can get involved and insist on improvements from their elected officials.”
Public Radio International will work with its 880 partner radio stations to inspire people through crowdsourcing and social media to take part in the project and spread the results. “If we hope to stop corruption, people need to be invested and involved,” said Michael Skoler, vice president of interactive media for PRI. “We live in a new media world where people, not simply reporters, can and must be watchdogs for honest government.”
Global Integrity will leverage its success in promoting accountability and transparency in 100 countries to ensure that states put the analysis to practical use.  “There are a number of valuable lessons from other countries that can be brought to bear in the US context when it comes to effective anti-corruption controls in the states,” said Global Integrity’s Managing Director Nathaniel Heller. “We’re optimistic that with the right information at their fingertips, both the public and lawmakers can design effective reforms.”
“The Project will bring a much needed focus on our nation’s statehouses,” said Stacy Donohue, director of investments at Omidyar Network.  “In addition to investigative reporting, it will utilize technology to enable citizen engagement on issues of importance to them. Omidyar Network believes when citizens have visibility into government actions they are more likely to participate in the political process, ensure public funds are used wisely and hold government officials to account.”
Elizabeth Christopherson, president and chief executive officer of the Rita Allen Foundation, said: “The patriot Thomas Paine noted that dictatorial government only requires ignorance for its support and warned democracy is at risk when the citizenry is not engaged, informed and monitoring the conduct of leaders. As our nation’s founders rightly concluded, it is government with something to hide that we must fear the most. The State Accountability Project has the potential to transform the good-government dialogue and spur more ethical and open processes in the various states, and to serve as a model on the national level. The Rita Allen Foundation is delighted and excited to be part of this endeavor.”
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