Life Skills Non-Profit Dream a Dream Announces Grant From Omidyar Network India

Dream a Dream, a non-profit organization based in Bangalore that empowers young people from vulnerable backgrounds with critical life skills to thrive in the 21st century, today announced a grant from Omidyar Network India. 

Namita Dalmia, principal at Omidyar Network said: “We consider competencies such as critical thinking and creativity, and mindsets such as grit and empathy as integral to quality learning.

Dream a Dream’s work with a wider network of partners including the government leveraging its innovation in the student learning and training programs has the potential to truly mainstream life skills in the Indian education system.

By building critical skills required for the workforce of the 21st century as well as enabling individuals to contribute responsibly toward our interdependent society, Dream a Dream is helping create many meaningful lives.”

Read the full press release here