Building an Impact Investing Team

In 2004, Pierre and Pam Omidyar set out on their impact investing journey.  More than a decade later, Omidyar Network is eager to speed the way for families who are just getting started – and has advised nearly 150 high net worth families to date. 

Once families decide to pursue impact investing, many wrestle with how to assemble the best talent to achieve their impact investing goals.  To assist families in this process, we’re pleased to release a new guide, Building an Impact Investing Team. While there is no single path to follow, the guide highlights key considerations for families to think through as they consider whether to build a dedicated impact investing team in-house, tap external advisors, or a mix.  The guide is brought to life by case studies of families who share the key factors which shaped their own choices and the impact investing team they have today.

Hear more on the topic in a webinar where Omidyar Network’s Robynn Steffen shares the piece and is joined by representatives of three families featured in the guide, who highlighted the key factors that led each to take a distinct staffing approach to best meet their goals.

Access the Building an Impact Investing Team guide here, and read more about the guide in a blog here