June 22, 2020

Our Vision for the Future of Workers and Work

A dignified life means stability and agency. It means we get paid fairly for the work we do, and get a fair return for the time we put in. It means we can make ends meet, sustain our families, and send our kids off to a brighter future. It means we can take time off when needed to care for ourselves and our loved ones. And it means that everyone has a safe workplace, so no one has to choose between their health and their paycheck.

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Unchecked Power: The Root of Big Tech Issues

The dominant technology companies, such as Google and Facebook, self-declare as “platforms”. This means they own and operate essential infrastructure, provide services on which other companies depend, and engage in multi-sided markets. They deliver widespread conveniences and value to their users through their significant reach, features, and services. Yet, their unchecked market dominance, and social and political power is seriously threatening our individual freedoms, economies, and democracies.

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