10 Trends to Watch in 2018 and Beyond

We’re living in an increasingly dynamic world with unexpected events and trends, unlike anything we’ve seen before. They’re impacting societies, institutions, things we considered “permanent truths”. As investors, we process trends and signals all the time. 

Eshanthi Ranasinghe shares insights on our first Trends to Watch report: “We’re looking for signals, narratives, information that fall outside of the usual purview. The goal is to provoke. We want to build not just a knowledge base, but a way of thinking — viewing trends and signals as an evolving chess board, where we stop, evaluate, imagine where things could go, and make a move. To develop foresight, you need facts and imagination — and to embrace discomfort. You’ll see the blend of these in the report.” 

Read the full interview with Eshanthi here. 

Download the full report here.