can independent media in West Africa develop and deliver greater impact?
How can independent media in West Africa develop and deliver greater impact?

Accelerating development and good governance in the new media landscape

By Ory Okolloh, Director, Investments & Khuram Hussain, Principal, Investments

Independent media is influencing politics and government in previously unprecedented ways in West Africa. The increasing diversification of media ecosystems after decades of state control, along with new digital tools that allow for greater citizen engagement, have led to a dramatic reshaping of the dynamics between citizens, media, and government. In order to better understand how both funders and media practitioners can best respond to these trends Omidyar Network partnered with Reboot, a social impact firm dedicated to inclusive development and accountable governance, to undertake a research project to identify the key constraints and opportunities that drive media innovation in West Africa today. 

We invite you to read the full report here.

Philippa Croome Journalist at Journalists for Human Rights

Great stuff!

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Great read, and beautiful layout

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