Juan Pardinas

The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) is an independent nonprofit think tank that studies economic and social issues affecting Mexico’s competitiveness within the global economy. IMCO defines competitiveness as the capacity of a country, state, or city to attract and retain talent and investment. IMCO advocates for transparent and accountable governance; an objective and reliable legal system; sustainable use of the environment; an inclusive, well-educated and healthy society; a stable and functional political system; efficient markets of production and consumption; innovation and vigorous competition within industries.

IMCO leverages technology to expand access to information and civic engagement on issues central to its mission, specifically increasing competitiveness across different sectors. One such example is Mejora Tu Escuela (, an online platform that provides information about school performance to help parents choose the best option for their children, empower them to demand higher quality education, and give them tools to get involved. It also provides school administrators, policymakers, and other NGOs with data to identify areas for improvement and hotbeds for corruption, raising the overall quality of education in Mexico.

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