Gallup asked people around the world: How worried are you about losing your home? The findings may surprise you

March 24, 2017

One in four people are worried about losing their home against their will in the next five years, according to a nine-country Gallup-led survey on people's perceptions of their property rights.


Why We Invested : Anti-Defamation League

Omidyar Network recently supported the Anti-Defamation League with a grant to support its new Silicon Valley center aimed at tackling the rising wave of intolerance and to collaborate more closely with technology companies to promote democracy and social justice.


How can innovation in early learning positively impact children in the US? Takeaways from SXSWedu

March 13, 2017

Following Omidyar Network's panel discussion at SXSWedu on innovation in early learning, Isabelle Hau shares insights on quality solutions and outlines the latest strategy for education investments in the US.


Strengthening the Impact Investing Movement

Article March 28, 2017

Matt Bannick and Paula Goldman share what’s needed to strengthen the impact investing movement as part of Mission Investor Exchange’s “Mission Possible” series in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.


ADL to Build Silicon Valley Center to Monitor & Fight Cyberhate; Omidyar Network Provides Seed Funding

Announcement March 13, 2017

The Anti-Defamation League's new center in Silicon Valley will enable the organization to collaborate with the technology industry to tackle cyberhate.


Roopa Kudva on Effective Philanthropy

Article March 2, 2017

As part of an ongoing series with Mint, Roopa Kudva discusses how Omidyar Network’s hybrid structure and human capital support are key elements of the firm’s approach to both investing and philanthropy.


What do people think about property rights?

Research Report March 21, 2017

Do people worry about being evicted from their home, or having their small business shut down, or being thrown off the land they farm? The fact is, we don’t know with certainty—so we decided to find out, by asking them.


What Do Emerging Market Consumers Expect from InsureTech?

Research Report March 13, 2017

In order to get a first impression of what consumers think about new technology-led approaches to insurance, Omidyar Network has commissioned an online survey in emerging markets to shed light on some of the trends driving InsureTech.


BBC Media Action's Governance and Accountability: What Role for Media?

Multimedia February 24, 2017

BBC Media Action hosted policymakers, practitioners, and researchers for a discussion on the role of media in governance and accountability.